Valley Funale!

I get to run in a dog race.  Jan is letting me use her dogs and sled etc.  She has offered before but I was never in a place where I could get out to the kennel often enough to get the dogs in good condition.  Simone, Jan’s handler, said she would help me.  We are both running.

Jan and I did the Chena Hot Springs Passenger Race a few years ago. It was a 1900’s recreation of the founding of the hot springs, 2 days, 100 miles, in character the whole time, taking turns driving and riding. This will be my first solo race though and I’m excited.

The Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association Valley Funale!  We’ll be running in the 6 dogs, 10 mile class.

Today after work I went out so we could get started.  We only ran 4 dogs as I wanted to see which ones I wanted to use in wheel.  I found them!  Here’s a short video.  Sorry for the poorish quality.  It was getting dark and I just hung my camera around my neck.  I was using Jan’s sled and Simone was using the one I normally use.  Jan’s sled is a heck of a lot more flexible then I am used to.  It was “concerning” for a few turns but then I felt pretty comfortable.

The noise you hear is either on the video is mostly:

A. Me being a mouth breather.

B. Low snow caused lots of bumpiness, so that is the sled bouncing down on the hard trail.

So other then feeling quite like a pinball, it was a nice little run down to the ponds and back.  It got dark before we made it home but I managed to get my headlamp on.

The video is hosted on Vimeo as you can do longer videos then on Youtube.  Click link below.

Short Run After Work from Georganne Hampton on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Valley Funale!

  1. Phoebe says:

    They should bring back the Ivory Quest. I saw signs for it the first year I lived here, assuming it was some sort of race having to do w/ Ivory Jack’s.


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