This blog isn’t called “Alaska, the Madness” for nothing.

Contemplating and studying for my future waterless cabin status, I have been doing some reading. As living waterless is a fairly common condition in the Interior of Alaska, I am posting this mostly for my Texan friends’ reading enjoyment. It was a fun read anyways.

” Plumbing isn’t an inalienable right here, in Alaska. I think a certain amount of privation is understood, even expected, (possibly even bragged about a little)…”

” A hole is just so basic, isn’t it? So straight-forward and maintainable. Anyone can dig one. Cheaper than connecting to city sewer, even if it was available, which it was not. The only maintenance I could foresee was sweeping out leaves or snow. I didn’t have to scour the bowl. I didn’t have to mop the floor. No one expected much from an outhouse, and already everyone thought ours was deluxe. Later, I would be regularly reminding myself of how deluxe it was while sprinting down the trail to it on cold mornings.”

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