Was it the 70′s or was that color of paint on sale?

It’s a mystery!

Here is the kitchen.  I am going to hang my bathroom cabinet up here (currently sitting on the counter) to hold toothbrushes, basic family medicine type stuff that all families with kids have, shampoo and conditioner, etc.

Most of these carpet  scraps and that bed will be going to the transfer site.

Looking out the front window.

Toyo stove, heats with fuel oil and a bit of electricity.  Water jugs.

Well at least it’s not purple.  The first little house I ever lived in on my own had a  purple kitchen.  Ohhh it gave me headaches!  This is the bedroom.

Great windows to see the sunrise or the Northern Lights!

Front porch view of the outhouse.  We have a bird feeder and a thermometer already there.

The foam is to keep your butt from freezing to the toilet seat.

4 thoughts on “Was it the 70′s or was that color of paint on sale?

  1. karen says:

    Congrats on you new home. I love it. I hope to do the same one day, pack up the dogs and move into the wilderness.


  2. I think it’s a lovely cabin, Georganne, and I envision a happy, comfy, cabin full of warmth when you’re moved in.

    Love the foam toilet seat cover. 🙂 Hang some photos in that outhouse of warm places. Hahaha!


  3. cloud9doula says:

    I have an area rug and a huge 4 sheep sheep skin that will go on the floors. Since the vaccum is going into storage, I’d rather just those. Plus, they just insulated the floors last summer so hopefully that will keep them warmer.


  4. Lori says:

    Hey, why dont you hang onto the carpet scraps, you may find that you want them… my cabin floor was FREEZING until I brought an area rug. AND I am pretty sure it didn’t seem as cold- air wise– once I had the carpet down…….


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