Going offline

The cabin has no phone jack.  It’s going to be at least next payday until I can get the money to get one put in.  So until then, I will only be able to get online during my lunch break at work.  That kind of sucks but it is ok.  In the long run, the big picture, etc. it’s a good thing.  I have too much work to do to spend much time online anyways.

We are settling in well.  My daughter has determined that since she has learned to change the bag in the porta potty, she can freely use it.  That’s fine with me.  I don’t mind. My son is not yet comfortable with the outhouse or the porta potty but likes that I let him pee in the woods.  Lol what’s a cabin without a little bit of yellow snow off in the trees?

Last night it was clear out for the first time.  I spent a serene hour sitting in my living room with the lights out looking out to the stars.  Wish I had a glass of wine to enjoy the stars with.  When the northern lights are out, we’ll have a fantastic view.  I’ve decided to not put drapes up in the living room/kitchen.  We have such big windows in there.  It’s actually an adjustment to live without curtains, something I never considered.  I spend quite a bit of time in a tshirt and underwear around the house and have to remind myself that I don’t have to dash past the windows lol.  I have heavy drapes for the bedroom to keep it warm in the winter and the 24 hours of sunlight out in the summer.  It’s not spring yet but our light is returning at a very fast rate.   Last night I left the drape next to my bed open a bit so I could look out and up but didn’t see any auroras.

It’s 15 above zero right now.  It’s supposed to be 10-25 below tonight and back up into the teens tomorrow.  We are getting there.

Sunrise is at 7:16 AM AKST and sunset is 6:45 PM AKST so fairly “normal” division.  Tomorrow will be 6 minutes 44 seconds longer.   Then of course, daylight savings time will hit tomorrow and screw us all up.  I really wish they would do away with that nonsense like Arizona.

My daughter will now be going to the same school that I moved my son to earlier this year.  It is a sweet little country school and we can’t wait for her to be there as well.  They have worked magic for my son.  My daughter loves school and can’t wait to go skiing for PE class.  Ice skating if you remember, didn’t work out so well (broke her arm.)  They also have a community garden there during the summer.  Best thing though, the bus will pick them up at the end of our driveway!  So, until next time my dear friends, keep well, keep warm.


4 thoughts on “Going offline

  1. Portia says:

    Enjoy your new home! I’m glad you started your new blog, I can keep up with what is happening. 🙂


  2. cloud9doula says:

    Bubba, I miss okra like crazy. I made some from frozen last night and it’s just not the same.

    Susan thank YOU. I wouldn’t have gone out but for you and I had a great time. You’re a great passenger, and believe me, there are differences in passengers lol.


  3. Hey girl… Thank you so much for taking me out on a dogsled ride. I had such a good time.

    I hope you’re able to get online soon. We’ll miss you if you can only get online at lunch time!


  4. Bubba says:

    -G- ….. You are a very brave woman…. A woman I admire…. PLEASE let me know if y’all need anything from Texas… I mean it! … *hugs* Bubba


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