Look out, I’m back online.

Well, getting internet even the small distance I am from town, proved to be quite a pissy deal.  It ended up costing $300 to get started.  But, here I am, happy to be back.   I have only one piece of advice, GCI does not know their ass from a whole in the ground.

The cabin is coming along nicely now.  I’m still working on it and still sending more stuff that the kids “had to have” to storage.  By the time it warms up enough to have bon fire parties out in the the yard, I’ll have it fixed up enough to want to present it to the general public lol.

Here’s the kitchen, with the “water heater” on the stove.  It actually heats up enough for showers or dishes in just a few minutes so not as unhandy as I originally thought it would be.  Hmmm, that little window shelf sure wants to stay cluttered.  It’s just too handy.  I have several crystals hanging in my window that throws a million beautiful rainbows over the living room every afternoon.

The outhouse has been updated with a lamp, clock radio, hand sanitizer, drawers, and Christmas lights on the outside.  I had the plunger put out there for a conversation piece and though I have removed it now, it still gives me a giggle.  Now, I just need to find some blue foam to replace the foam rubber seat that’s in there.  Actually, the temperatures are warm enough now to be able to just use the regular seat, but it still would mean a cold ass awakening every time one sat down.

My Easter munchkins.

Last week it warmed up enough for almost all the snow to melt, then yesterday, it snowed several inches.  It’s melting again and breakup is officially here.  In a week or so, green should be showing up on the mountain I look out at from my front window.  A few nights ago I sat here in my living room and watched a nice display of the northern lights.  I wish I knew how to take pictures of them.  But I’ll get it figured out by next winter for sure.

13 thoughts on “Look out, I’m back online.

  1. Lori says:

    LOVE what you have done…. I’m gonna have to stop by!


  2. mcrow65 says:

    Oh, one more thing, The lens opening was set at F2.8 and I used the cameras manual setting to program/set all that in and shoot the pics.


  3. mcrow65 says:

    Hi G! I’ll give you my camera settings when I took pics of the lights in YK. I used 15 second exposures on a tripod with an ISO setting of 200. Higher ISO settings gave me more ‘noise’ in the night scenes when I tested them. You can also drop the exposure time down to as low as 4 or 5 seconds and probably get the shot. I did that on my night shots of YK. I was using a Canon Powershot A630 digital camera. Good luck with your picture attempts. 🙂


  4. Susan says:

    It looks so cute, Georganne! You’ve done a lot to it since I visited you! Adorable! I knew you’d have it feeling like home in now time.

    Sorry GCI screwed you with the internet. ACS is just as bad. We get the worst service up here. Makes me so mad.

    Welcome back to the world of blogging. I hope you’re doing OK. I missed you too! 😀


    • cloud9doula says:

      Oh ACS doesn’t even have coverage here. Well, they WOULD and I could get dial up, if I would pay to run a phone line to the property. There isn’t one at all here. The land lord is not interested in that type of expense and I don’t really blame him. GCI SAID they provided services to this address. Then when I went into town and took care of all the paperwork, uh oh, no they don’t. Idiots.


  5. I love the outhouse! It looks nicer than my indoor bathrooms. It looks like things are really coming along.


  6. Dusti says:

    Hello, I came by of livingourway. Your place looks beautiful. A while back my hubs and I went through a tough spot financially and you know out of it I’ve learned to love cooking, gardening, and basicly reusing anything and everything. So, for us not having was a huge blessing and really I think if we lived a simpler life we’d find a joy/peacefullness like we never had.
    Anyhoo your cabin looks cozy. I’d love to stop by again and read more about it-never been to alaska. 🙂


  7. Carmen Moore says:

    Welcome back, Georganne! You were missed. Your ingenuity is amazing! I’d not do as well as you obviously are.


  8. Karen R says:


    What a FANTASTIC job you have done making it all look homey!!!!




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