Water, water, everywhere.

A friend of mine just told me what she was paying to get her water from a local laundry mat.  She thought the Water Wagon was just for bulk water.  So, I thought I would make a post about how we get our water and snapped some photos when we went to get water this week.

While you can take showers at the laundry mats in town, they are expensive.  Also, I just don’t like showering in a place that the general public also showers.  I would do it if I needed to but my own little shower set up works quite well.

25 cents filled up the 4 jugs we brought.

Or you can go a short distance from town to the Fox Spring.  It’s free.  The state regularly tests it.  This picture is a few years old.  Now the structure is enclosed on 3 sides instead of just covered.

2 thoughts on “Water, water, everywhere.

  1. Alaska is so different. I don’t think I’d want to shower in a public shower either. I’m enjoying reading about your adventures.


  2. cosmicgarden says:

    I miss you!


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