Feeling restless I went for a drive around town and took some pictures.

This is one of the ice bridges in town.  Once the river is frozen enough, this is a handy way to get from one side of town to the other without having to “go all the way around” to the bridge.   Normally someone either tries to cross to early or too late and falls in at least once a year.

The ice bridge at Pikes Landing.  You don’t have to be an Ice Road Trucker to drive on ice.

“Even with global warming and climate change, Alaska’s rivers still freeze hard and thick.  In some places, cars and trucks use the river as an extensive crossing, like a frozen bridge.  From November thru February temperatures in Fairbanks can regularly and easily range to -50F (degrees below zero) during the coldest days of winter.  As spring arrives in March and April there’s always some “genius” who gets their half sunken vehicle pictures in the local newspaper for crossing the river too late with the ice gets rotten and starts thawing.  It’s never good to be that person!  Drive safely and use good judgment.

The Iron Dog, snow machine race across Alaska.  You can click on the picture to make it big enough to read.

The Tanana Chief Riverboat.  I wanted to get a picture of the Discovery Riverboat as well as it is much bigger but they were closed for the night and the grounds are gated.

Random house boat I know nothing about.

Random lawn ornament.

Small grass landing strip.

Retired shark, or is that a whale?

A different type of retirement for this lucky plane.

Olivia on the slide.

She doesn’t like the tilt a whirl but Jordan talked her into going on it anyways.

“It’s ok Sissy.”

She would much rather play with the chickens and goats. 

And I was really upset to see the bane of REAL henna artists everywhere, BLACK HENNA, back at our fair!  Last year I wrote the vender manager about this.  I even later talked to her in person about this.  She assured me they were not allowing it again this year.  Yet here it is.  Looks like it is time for a letter to the editor.  This really pisses me off.

“Black henna” is not henna at all but a chemical that is illegal and can harm you!

Please read more here and find out what is being allowed in our nice little town!

Fairbanksians, you should be outraged!

Henna is NOT black. If someone offers you something called “Black Henna”, it is NOT henna. If someone has something that stains skin black, it is NOT henna. The black dye is probably para-phenylenediamine, also known as PPD, and that can hurt you.

PPD, or para-phenylenediamine is a snythetic coal tar dye, and causes severe reactions in some people. Want to see pictures of how miserable this is?
See: http://www.hennapage.com/henna/ppd/ppdburngallery.html

Sensitization to PPD is life-long and has ruined some people’s health. See: http://www.hennapage.com/henna/ppd/wilson.html

The International Chemical Safety Card for PPD gives a clear indication of how dangerous it can be and how utterly inappropriate it is for skin application.

If your “Black Henna” tattoo is starting to itch and blister GO TO A DOCTOR! NOW!
See: http://www.hennapage.com/henna/ppd/gotodoctor.html

How do you know if what you see is “PPD Black Henna”?
PPD paste is jet black.
Ask how long it takes to stain and how long it lasts. If the answers are “just an hour or two” and “a week or more”, it’s PPD.
Ask what colour it will give. If the answer is “pure black”, it’s PPD.
Ask to see an ingredients list. If the artist can’t supply one, or you don’t like what you see, walk away.


Here is the contact page for Tanana Valley State Fair, feel free to write your thoughts to them.


This is what real henna is and looks like.  This is a two toned design I am currently wearing.  Henna has ONLY one color but can have different shades as shown above.

4 thoughts on “Fairbanks

  1. cloud9doula says:

    Thank you Mel. I’ve been on the Riverboat Discovery twice which is our other riverboat, and bigger. You can see my pictures of that one here:


  2. Mel says:

    Love your pictures. 🙂 Have you ever been on the riverboat? That must be enjoyable. As for the henna, don’t know why they don’t use the real thing. More attractive, and it’s not like it’s expensive!


  3. cloud9doula says:

    Oh no Phoebe! What happened?


  4. Phoebe says:

    I didn’t know that–ew. I got a black henna tat done my first year here. I hated sitting under the light to have it dry, I didn’t know it was *poison*!

    Personally, I got ripped off at another booth and decided I won’t be going back to the carnival for the next few years, not til the kids are old enough to go on the rides together.


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