Snowy Drive Around Fairbanks

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to mount my camera to my dash without leaving sticky on either one.  I finally found a strip of double sided mounting tape in the back of a junk drawer and the lightbulb went off in my head.  So here is the test run.  It’s just a simple trip into town to go to lunch with friends and then to the gym but shows a bit of Fairbanks for those who are interested.  Keep in mind that Fairbanks is pretty spread out for the population we have.

I uploaded it to Vimeo since it was a bit too long for Youtube.

Snowy Drive Around Fairbanks

6 thoughts on “Snowy Drive Around Fairbanks

  1. needavaca2011 says:

    Sorry…I meant CAN’T bare to miss…lol


  2. needavaca2011 says:

    Loved Loved Loved the video. I am planning a trip (12) days with Princess Tours Sept 5th 2011. We will be in Fairbanks for 2 nights at Princess Riverside Lodge. I know that most of what we will see is touristy but I really want to see things “off the beaten path” you know…the real world. Any suggestions on things that can bare to miss or places we should definately eat???


    • cloud9doula says:

      Will you havea car while you are here? Don’t worry, even our touristy things are fun and worth seeing. Here are some things you might enjoy. The Riverboat Discovery, our new Museum of the North up at the college, the Morris Thompson Cultural Center, drive out to Chatanika Lodge (read my most recent blog post about that), Silver Gulch Brewary, El Dorado Gold Mine, Pioneer Park (make sure to check out “40 Below”), Chena Hot Springs, the farthest north Automobile Museum if you like that type of thing, Large Animal Research Station, the Pipeline Viewing Station (6 miles north of town on the Steese HWY) and the Yukon Quest office which is in the old visitor’s log cabin down town on the river. You can also get a map from the cultural center for a self walking tour of historical downtown which is interesting. Have fun.


  3. cloud9doula says:

    Hahah you saw NOTHING!

    The first road I was on was Farmer’s Loop heading east. My batteries ran out shortly before getting to the Steese Hwy where I turned south towards Fairbanks.


  4. Pants says:

    By the way, I saw you almost run that red light! LOL 😀


  5. Pants says:

    Love it! What’s the main highway you’re driving up at the beginning? Fun to see a normal first hand account. Jealous of your snow and green. 🙂


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