March is my favorite month.

I’ve been teaching myself all winter how to photograph the northern lights. It is difficult. Once you finally think you have the correct (manual) settings for your camera, then you have to wait for the lights to come out to test your theory.  Test, adjust, rinse, repeat.  Tonight we had a geophysical storm from a solar flare and the sky exploded with light. I even was able to get some pinks. Unfortunately after about half an hour, my fingers start to freeze up and I accidentally pushed some button/s while moving the camera and changed 2 of the 3 main settings. So these are the only ones that showed up well enough to bother with.

I think this one was my favorite as it just looks so explosive.   Wish I had been able to set it up better.

That’s the crescent moon in the tree line.

None of these have been enhanced at all. I’ve only resized them and slapped my name on the corner. Enjoy.

The remainder of these pictures are so out-of-order as far as a time line goes, there isn’t one.

We had a nice bonfire at my friend Jan and Eric’s.  It’s kind of strange not saying “Jan’s” but since they have been together for over a year and have the wedding day set, I guess it is time to include him.  Lol he is worthy of inclusion!  It was a beautiful day for a party.

The kids love going out there because Eric gives them rides.  They were really happy to see other kids there.

Eric did a huge cajon shrimp boil with shrimp, sausages, potatoes, and corn on the cob.  We also had some indoor goodies.

I was honored to participate in a nurse in at the Alaska Club where a mamma had been asked to leave for breastfeeding.  The life guard, manager, and general manager all told her to leave.  When the resulting uproar went public, the President assured us that breastfeeding was indeed allowed in his facilities in accordance to Alaska state law and as another health benefit to his members and future members.  They pride themselves in being a family friendly facility…  He will let us know by the end of the month what type of employee education will be put in place.  They obviously need one.  We had about 50 people show up so consider it a success.

My kids were really excited to get to have dinner with Lisa, especially my daughter.

We had a really strange February.  Normally Fairbanks doesn’t have much wind.  Sometimes we get a bit in the spring but it’s not spring yet!  Several trees got blown over, power was out all over, drifts blew over the roads.  It was a mess.  50 mph winds and gusts harder than that, really made me wish I had a generator.

Our normal snowfall for this month is 6″.  We got a bit over 25″.  I don’t mind as that just means more mushing in warm temperatures.

This was the snowfall for one night, almost 11″.


Right now I am following the Iditarod like an obsessed person.  It’s so exciting.  I so wish Lance could win this year making him the only musher to ever win 5 times in a row.  But he was down to 12 dogs pretty early in the race, before the halfway point, so it doesn’t look promising.  But if there ever was a musher to over come adversity and land on top, it would be him.  So now I am going to publish this blog then go back to my updates…

Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “March is my favorite month.

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  2. Anthony says:

    Great work at the Alaska club:-)
    A lady was breast feeding in a charity clothes store in Melbourne a few months ago and the manager made her stop and leave. Three days later they had 50 mums in the store breast feeding and news reporters from every network there. The company now supports breast feeding and is educating their employees.

    Awesome photo’s of the lights. We had some snow the other day up in the Mountains about a month and a half early


  3. Deka says:

    What wonderful pics of the Northern Lights!!
    With the extended exposure, did you use a tripod to hold the camera steady?



  4. Susan says:

    Love the lights over your outhouse! 😀


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