Breakup is the season between winter and summer that the majority of the world calls spring.  April is my least favorite month in many respects.  The snow is melting, it’s muddy, nothing has begun to green up yet, it’s dreary, there are fewer northern light visible, and normally we have more wind.  But the wind does help dry things up.  The temperatures are getting into the 50’s.  It’s already light until late at night.  So, Alaska in its ugliest month is still very promising.  While it’s not QUITE spring, it assures one’s spirit that spring is indeed on its way.  Get ready.

Apr. 26, 2011

Sun Rise is at 5:36 am and Sun Set is 10:04 pm.

Civil Twilight 4:29 AM AKDT 11:12 PM AKDT
Length Of Visible Light 18h 42m
Length of Day 16h 27m
Tomorrow will be 7m 0s longer. 

 The Bears are Waking.

You can right click these pictures to open them in a new window and larger size.

 Photo by Susan’s camera lol.

Denali National Park has one road into the park.  It is 90 miles long.  For the majority of the year, personal vehicles are not allowed past mile 15, Savage River.  In the shoulder seasons, it is open to mile 30, Teklanika River.  The remainder of the year only park busses are allowed to drive the road.  My friend Susan and I decided to take a little road trip and go into the park since the road is now open to mile 30.  It’s only 2-2.5 hour drive.   We discussed how lucky we were to live so close to such awesome scenery.  Park Road Map PDF large

“Where is my picinic basket?”

Here’s some video of the bear.  Admittedly, it’s terrible and shaky as I couldn’t see through the viewfinder due to the sun shining on it and I tried to set it down to stabalize it but then couldn’t find the darn bear.

While “The Mountain” wasn’t out, it was still a beautiful day.

This shows how deep the snow was that covered the road.  They were still clearing it on up the road passed Mile 30.


I just love mountains hiding in the mist.

Teklanika River, Mile 30.

Susan, photographer extrodannair.  Make sure to check out her blog, linked on the sidebar.


In the first couple of miles there is a denning wolf pack so you can not go off the road here.

The Rest of the Story…er, Month.

We’ve had a busy month, hence the lack of blog posts.

I only have two kids but I am glad that Jordan has such a good friend as Chris.  They spend a lot of time together.






Can you find the Easter egg in these snowballs?

This picture was taken April 24 at 10:46 pm.  It’s now about that light at midnight.

 First little squirrel out my kitchen window munching on a bread heel.


Mushing and World Ice Art Championship pictures will have to wait.  Thos may be nice cool photos to post this summer when it is hot.  I want to get this posted and my internet is running slower than dial-up recently.  My kids are going to spend some time this summer with their dad and grandmother down in the -48 so I am planning a lot of back packing and camping trips.   Have a great day.

4 thoughts on “Breakup!

  1. bonnie says:

    Hi there….I am not seeing the link to Susan’s photography blog in your sidebar….am I blind or is it not there?? love your blog! keep posting please I love it..


  2. Thanks for going with me! If you wouldn’t have gone, I wouldn’t have driven down there by myself and I would have missed the bears! YAY for great road trips and wildlife sightings!


  3. Lori Richards says:

    awesome post as always Georganne!


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