No tent camping?

So, as we prepare for our next adventure, we are having to accept the fact that we may not have an actual tent to camp in.  All our camping gear is in storage which has a combination lock on it.  The combination was set by ex who now lives in another state.  He is having some medical issues so between the pain and the morphine they have him on, his brain is too foggy to remember the combination.  He remembers that there was a 1, 2, 3, 2, 4, and 6 in it but we have tried all the combinations we can think of with those numbers without any luck.  We can make do and sleep in the back of the 4 Runner but of course, but it wont be as comfortable and will defiantly take away a bit of the fun factor.  My daughter is also very concerned about being able to see moose through the windows of the truck.  Having had a bit of a moose encounter on her way home from the bus stop once, she is still very scared of moose.  She doesn’t want to see any, even from a distance.  While I explained to her that any moose around Chickenstock will run away when they hear all the music and people, she is hesitant to trust in that.  That’s a pretty tough situation for a child growing up in Alaska.  Being a bit of a minimalist while camping anyways, I can do without all the other camping gear but not having the tent is really going to suck.  At least I have our good cooler which has been sitting on our front porch for the winter doubling as extra freezer space.

4 thoughts on “No tent camping?

  1. John says:

    Your nearest garage and the phrase “I have a stuck lock, but I don’t think you’ll get it open!” will work wonders. A chuck of steel, a cold chisel and a big hammer will end the problem (that or an angle grinder).

    “A padlock keeps people honest, the bigger the padlock the more honest the people…”

    Jay, New Zealand


  2. bonnie says:

    can you use a set of bolt cutters to cut the lock???…have fun at Chickenstock!


    • cloud9doula says:

      I am trying to borrow some and will try that. He seems to think that I wont be strong enough or have a big enough pair of cutters or wont have enough room to get them under the lock enough to do it but it’s not a Master lock, just a cheap one, so hopefully built with cheap metal.


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