Tonight’s update.

Not much new info tonight as far as his condition goes.  The nurse he had tonight just wasn’t as adept as the other two he’s had.  Well that and there just isn’t much change.  The dialysis machine is removing fluid.  His blood pressure is 108/59 so that is low.  That had gotten it up to a low normal of 120 but I guess that is what getting 18 units of blood will do.  His heart rate is running a bit high at 120 but that’s to be expected from a body under such stress.  He started shaking so now has been put in a medically induced coma.  They started the medication to remove the ammonia from his brain to prevent encephalopathy.

As you’ve heard, Angel Flight couldn’t get us those two tickets after all.  My first reaction to that was really just frustration.  But I understand.  There are just too few tickets left and they need to save them for those who can be saved by going to the lower 48 for treatment.  Many people have to leave the state, mostly to Seattle, for anything major.

My sister Char has been working hard coordinating all the donations and ideas from people able to help in that manner.  It’s a big task and I am thankful she is able to do it.  I can not.  My mom called this morning and was a good ear to cry to.  She’s a care taker so knows that there really isn’t much to say, but it was good to hear from her.  My other sisters are doing what they can and are a comfort to me.

It’s very expensive to fly out of Alaska, especially on short notice.  The cheapest offer I found was with Delta, $885 and that was their bereavement charge.  Yes, per person.  Of course, I didn’t call them all as my sister is doing that leg work for me.

I allowed myself to get a bit frantic today.  Both kids were at school thankfully.  I tried to take a nap as I am just tired but that didn’t work.  I then made myself get out of the house and out into my garden and woods for a few minutes.  I was able to find my center again.  I still feel a bit scatter brained but was at least able to go to the laundry mat and get some work done.

The kids are doing well.  I talked to both of their teachers today and asked that they send homework home with them tomorrow in case we are able to get out of here this weekend or Monday.  Jordan’s sped teacher and I talked for quite a while.  We have had many good conversations over these last two years.  She is easy to talk to and helps me with ideas for Jordan and what I might expect.  She said he is handling things very well but with this age, delayed reactions are pretty normal.  The kids and I have been talking about how we are all under stress and worried right now so we need to be extra careful with each other and show each other extra kindness.  It hasn’t been full proof but we are all putting forth extra effort and it shows.

And now a few words to and for you all, my friends.  I knew I was blessed with friends.  I guess I just didn’t realize the extent of it.  I do now.  My July 98 group has been together since we were all pregnant with our now 13 year olds.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet several of them in person over the years.  They have termed what they are doing as circling the wagons for one of their own.  Girls, I’ll just say that you kick ass!  And Kresta, you had me bawling in the parking lot of the laundry mat when my sister texted me.  My Dallas Digest group, what can I say.  Pure Texan goodness, so much understanding and prayers from this group whom I normally enjoy sharing my life with as it is so different from most of their own.  I was friends with these people since before I moved up here 8 years ago.  I’ve met several of them also.  Then there are friends from other message boards and “real life” friends.  Doula friends, Alaskan friends, henna friends, back country backpacking/wilderness survival  friends, mushing friends, hunting, bush living, cabin dweller friends, and Ice Road Trucker friends.  And then there is Facebook.  I can’t imagine all the networking and support that I have gotten from it.  It’s such a good tool when used as such.  I know many of my friends do not “do” Facebook and that is fine too.   One can just reach so many people in relative ease with it.  I had to edit this to add that I have gotten 757 views on my blog today alone.  Thank you all for coming here and sharing my updates.  It does help keep the crying spells to a minimum if I don’t have to go into details over and over but keep everyone updated.

Anyways, it’s almost midnight and I know I’m rambling.  I just wanted to say thank you for all of your love and support.  It means the world to me and helps me from being lonely.

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s update.

  1. Liz says:

    We are here for you 🙂 ramble on cause we are here and listening 🙂


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