No news is good news.

I haven’t called the hospital this morning but they have my number if needed and have called already a few times for consents and questions about his history etc.  I slept with the phone under my pillow.

I am humbled by the support both financial and emotional I have gotten.  I think we almost have enough.  I’m still really worried about using those buddy passes but I just have to put that worry with God as I can’t do anything about it.  I have in my mind of buying Olivia’s ticket straight up and Jordan and I using the buddy passes in case one of us gets bumped.  I’ll send my children on first of course if we have to get split up.

I want to bring this up to the top so it doesn’t get lost.  My sister is the one organizing all of this.  If you care to and are able to make a donation, go to and use her email address.  You don’t have to have a pay pal account to send money.

Thank you for your continued support.  My brother in law Dave is my main contact down there right now.  He said that the first night the waiting room was full of people with their heads bowed for Justin.  We are keeping a lot of this from my mother in law.  She doesn’t need the stress as we don’t want to have to hospitalize her too.  Justin’s brothers and sister, Dave, Steve, Namoun, and Kelly along with nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins are taking turns as they can to be with him.  It’s a 90 mile drive from Duncan, where most of them are, up to OKC.  Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers too.  I know this is all so difficult for his siblings as well.  He is in the transplant unit of the ICU so even more strict then the regular ICU.  But Dave says they have so few patients in there that it is almost as if Justin has his own private nurse.

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