Don’t Open Your Box of Wine With a Knife.

Seriously, I was just going to use the tiny little knife to get the cardboard opening started…  So, after I poked a hole in the bag, I could no longer put it in the refrigerator to keep cool.  No problem I think to myself.  My arctic entry is really cool so I just put it in there.  Unfortunately, it was a bit too cool and it froze into a wine slushy.  Once again I think, no problem.  But then it wouldn’t come out of the spout as the ice kept blocking the opening.  It’s frustrating when all you want is a crappy glass of boxed wine and it takes so much effort to get.

Wine slushy

Henna pumpkinNovember has been a crazy busy month.  Halloween was warmer than normal so that was really nice.  We go into town to trick or treat.  We drive around until we find the police car handing out glow lights on lanyards.  It’s a fun tradition.

First on the list was the move.  Since the back window of the 4 Runner does not work when it’s cold, this means loading space is limited to what I can get in the back seats.  This makes for small loads only.  Thankfully I had friends who helped, mostly my friend Morgan and her big Excursion.  Luckily I was set up enough in the new place to invite friends and family over for Thanksgiving.  It was a good day.  Something about sharing food brings people to places they would not be without it.

Uncle Bob and my cousin Lee.
Uncle Bob and my cousin Lee.

I have a real couch now and this click clack futon resides in Jordan’s bedroom.

Jim, Moe, Heidi, Sarah.  Notice how it is all my friends in the kitchen and not me?  Lol I’m pretty smart huh?

I made a turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, two pumpkin pies and two bowls of chocolate pudding.  They were going to be chocolate pies but the two graham cracker crusts I thought I had were apparently in my imagination.

Moe and Jim brought a ham and marshmellowed sweet potatoes made from scratch.

Lee brought some wonderful snack platters and sparkling wine.

Best buds.

Chris and Jordan just played which was fine.

Aunt Peggy brought a variety of paper products and all the makings for deviled eggs which the girls made.  She also brought a keyboard to loan us, officially making the “library” into a “music room”.

Feast of friends
Feast of friends.

Heidi, Sarah, my cousin Lee, Jim, Moe, Olivia, Uncle Bob, Aunt Peggy.

I promised Heidi and Sarah that this did NOT constitute a kids table.

Post turkey coma.

Actually, Sarah had gotten up at 5 that morning and worked from 6-2.

Well, I tried to get  a picture of us fairly dressed up.


At 11:11 am on November 11, 2011, I was honored to officiate the ceremony for my best friend’s wedding to her newer best friend.  He’s a pretty good friend to me as well.

Cloud 9 Henna

While not technically a full “bridal henna” it was all we had time for.

Cloud 9 Henna

Jan and our good friends Kara and Trey.

Cloud 9 Henna

Jan on each side, mine in the middle.  I tried to make them a bit matching but did mine the day after hers.  The stain hadn’t had much time to develop yet.

The marriage of a dog musher and snow machiner makes for a really interesting wedding.  These are dog booties filled with bird seed.

The guest book and wedding cake spent time on the freezer on the porch.

The really fun wedding cake.

Italian wedding cake

Wedding trail

Jan’s dad Carl, walking her down the aisle of Yukon Quest trail markers and pink flamingos that we had set up that morning.

Carl carried his shot-gun while Jan carried her phone with her sister in Chicago on speaker.

The wedding itself was a smallish, private affair.  I stood between one of Jan’s dog sleds and Eric’s snow machine which he had driven down to the trail to us, standing there in the dog yard.

The blushing bride wore a lovely pair of arctic Carhartts.

And a grin worth a thousand words.

Photo by Linda Pickel, used with permission.

Afterwards, we hooked up the dog sled to the snow machine and the best man drove them back up to the house, and the reception tent.  Let the party begin!

Dog harnesses were used for door handles.

Party, Alaskan style.


Alaskan wedding

Remember we are down to just a bit over 4 hours of daylight.  The temperatures were really good though as it got to around 20. Yes, that’s 20 above zero!

Roasting a pig.

There was lots of food including a whole pig.

Grilled homemade pizza

Bet you never had homemade pizza, cooked on a grill, in the snow.


Shrimp.  Photo by Linda Pickel, used with permission.


Chicken.  I think there were 6.

Groom’s cake.

Now that’s a fruit cake!

Stupid pole.  Sorry.

Alaskan bon fire


Alaska fiddle playing

Oh how I wished I were far enough along in my lessons to have been able to play a fun little tune for them.

Mike Gree, Bagpipes

Mike Green on the bagpipes.

I’m proud to have all these people as friends!

Chris, Jim, Morgan.

Lori, Susan, and Stella, back of Bonnie’s head lol.

Eric and Marty Rogers, Bonnie Foster

Eric and Marty Rogers, Bonnie Foster.  We handled for Eric a few years ago for the Yukon Quest 300.


Anyways, it was a fun day.  Bleh, I know I need to get this posted before I loose all my followers as they die off of old age.  I’ll try to post some more soon as I really do have lots to say.



4 thoughts on “Don’t Open Your Box of Wine With a Knife.

  1. sally says:

    The wine box escapade made me laugh…. my son recently learned (and taught me) that if you pull the plastic bag out you get another glass … now how many gallons have I thrown away over the years. Also I once knew a child who drained all the wine out (into something else) and filled the bag with apple juice as a party joke…. the fun never ends !!


  2. Jenni says:

    That looks like such a fabulously fun wedding. I love Alaska. 🙂


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