Living With Running Water

Sometimes living with running water is more than it’s cracked up to be.  I really have been missing our little waterless cabin in the woods.  It’s been an ongoing issue of freezing lines, freezing lift pumps (lifts sewage up into septic tank since the lines have to be buried so deeply) and frozen water softener here.  A water softener is required due to the high iron content of the water here on the river.  After the landlord has had the pumping and thawing company out for a second time, it seems like they finally have everything thawed out.  Heat traces are hot wires that go inside your pipes to keep them from freezing.  I have them.  We still had problems.  So now when it is this cold, I get up at 4 am to run the hot water down the bathtub drain to keep the septic lines from freezing.    I normally don’t mind these bouts of super cold.  If it were nice all the time, we would be called Florida.  -40 and colder means that the people who live here, do so for a reason.  They live here because it is worth it, because they love it.



But at least we are getting our sunlight back, slowly but surely.  There is no heat from it yet but the extra daylight is nice.

4 thoughts on “Living With Running Water

  1. I find interesting that your water softener freezes. Around here a lot of people bury theirs in the ground outside but ours is installed inside. Is your house that cold?


    • cloud9doula says:

      It wasn’t really the water softener that froze but the line leading into it, that comes from the pumphouse outside(attached to the back of the house). The water softener is in my utility room so no, it’s not really “that” cold in my house lol. Though now that the temperatures have risen to an almost spring like warmth in comparison, I am amazed at how warm our house CAN be.


  2. cloud9doula says:

    It really is special Edie. I am blessed to live here.


  3. Edie Dykeman says:

    And I complain when it is 40 F above 0. I honestly have all the respect in the word for how you live. But I must agree with you that those who do live your lifestyle do so because they love it there.

    I was just thinking about the beauty that surrounds you in the mountains, rivers, and forests. That is special!


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