Fiddling Around

This is the newest song I am learning and I am quite in love with it.

Can you imagine playing it on top of a mountain with a view like this?

Denali National Park backpacking
Denali National Park, take a few years ago with my much crappier camera.
But THIS is where I am taking it next week. This will be the fiddle’s first official back packing trip. Eagle Summit,  about 125 miles north east of Fairbanks.  For those of you familiar with the Yukon Quest, yes, this is THAT Eagle Summit.
Eagle Summit, Alaska
I’ll have to find a way to strap it on my pack but I’m confident I have enough straps to do it lol. I’m not going very far.

Oh yea, I took this picture at 11:45 pm a couple of years ago.  They don’t call us the Land of the Midnight Sun for nothing.

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