Winter’s Embrace

Yes I love even the winter.

We love it here because it forges a toughness, an ability to survive and, most importantly, it forms a bond of friendship and camaraderie among us that I believe is stronger than anywhere else in the world.

This state is special, in an unforgiving, brutal cold and dark sort of way. As my friend once said, “summer is the beautiful lie that Fairbanks tells us,” and we suffer through the winters to hear that lie once again.

I’m not sure if I posted this one yet.

#1 Chicken! #2, 25 Anniversary of the Quest, #3, 2009, I handled for Wayne Hall, the Quest started in Whitehorse so we stayed at Sebastian Schnuelle’s place. He won that year, and my patch is signed by him. #4, 5, and 6 are for years 2010, 11, 12, Volunteer patches. I thought my fiddle case was a perfect place to put them.

We do have a shower but it is a “grey water system”.  That means the drain is just a straight piece of pvc that empties out onto the gravel pad under the cabin.  It gets a bit chilly.  Now we put a lid over it.

Thanksgiving was a nice holiday shared with friends.  Above is dates wrapped in bacon.  It’s my new favorite special treat.

Of course, we’ve had some Northern Lights.

Sorry, there is just too much noise in these pictures.   My friend Jan has since loaned me her Nikon D200 so now I will be learning how to use that.  For the last month or so though, we have not had any lights and have had lots of over cast.  No worries dear friends, they will come.  Bring on March!

A bit of simple henna.

We had a cold snap.

The forecast above was saying -78 with wind chill, -58 without.  The one below says either -62 or -82.  I forget what it said and can’t see it well enough to tell at this point hahaha.  Sucks getting old sometimes.  Either way, we didn’t get these temps though it did get to -50 around here.  We hung a blanket over the door for a few days because there was just so much cold coming off of it.

I tried making some salmon jerky.  Next time I’ll cut it into strips but I wanted some bigger pieces.

We got 2 foot of snow at one fall.  That was fun.

Christmas in the cabin was really good.  This was probably the best Christmas we’ve had in years.  Life is getting better again.  Oh yes, we also rescued a cat from the shelter.  This is the first time I’ve ever had a cat.  Her name is Angel.  She is a female orange tabby which I have found is pretty rare.

Olivia’s plate for Santa and her note explaining about how it’s much more balanced then cookies and milk. Celery, smoked salmon, cheese, and a brownie along with some cool, fresh water.

We had Christmas dinner at friends.  While I love my friends and so do my kids, we probably wont do this again.  It just felt weird not having leftovers to raid later that night or the next day.

Angel got a box for Christmas.

We don’t have fireworks for 4th of July as it is light all night in the summer.  We have our big display for New Years.  Our tradition is to have a car picknick.  We splurg on a few extra yummy goodies for our picknick.

Wow, finally got to the post office to find a gift from my sister Cheryl Wolfe and brother in law, Mike Kuhlmann. They are gardners and chefs! I can’t stress enough how good this box smelled as we were opening it! Whole Tarragon, Whole Mediterranean Oregano, Bell Pepper, Stevia, Paprika, Lynda-Leta Chipotle Pickled Garlic, Sprigs of Rosemary, Corn Relish, and a sage smudge stick. Oh now, what to cook, what to cook? Thank you so much you two!

Anyways, that’s about it so far for winter.  We’re just plugging along.


One thought on “Winter’s Embrace

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun on New Years and a great idea to have fireworks. The gift basket from your sister and brother in law looked like it would be fun to put to good use. Really enjoy your posts – thanks for sharing your life with us in the lower 48.


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