Fluid water.

I normally get water on Fridays on my way home from work.  Then if I go into town any time on the weekend for anything, I get more water.  I only have 28 gallons worth of jugs.  4 five gallon jugs and 2 four gallon jugs.  I probably should get a few more.  The problem with that is that in the winter, the back window on the 4 Runner doesn’t go down.  Well, it WILL go down, it just wont go back up again.  So I have to fill the jugs from the rear passenger door and 6 jugs is all I can comfortably reach with the water spout.  If we have a cold snap in the forecast, I try to get another load just to have on hand.  Just in case.  I didn’t quite make it this week.  I got off work, went and got water, but by the time I got home it was -30.  It’s supposed to be -45 tomorrow though so I guess it’s not too big of a fail.

10 thoughts on “Fluid water.

  1. Susan says:

    HI cloud9doula
    Just wanted to say how much I am enjoyng your blog which I came upon who knows where! I lived in the Matsu area ( north of Anchorage) near Palmer last year and returned to the lower 48 for some medical care but am yearning to come back! This is looking positive and Fairbanks is likley one option! Checking into yurts and also a dry cabn and found your blog really helpful! Thanks!
    Susan ( inFlorida)


    • cloud9doula says:

      Hi Susan. I’m so glad to be able to share. I have two different friends with yurts. They are pretty popular. But in my opinion, if you are going to invest in one that can withstand the winters here, you might as well build a little cabin instead. I hear at -30, it’s really hard to stay warm in one. They do have such a high “cool” factor though lol. Let me know if you get up here, we’ll go have coffee!


      • Susan says:

        Hey Geoganne
        Thanksfor hre quick reply…with the time difference AK to FL this was amazingly quick! I wnt to Homer lastsummerto check into things and sent anemail about used yurtsasitsays sometiemsthey seel these..waiting to hear back.Iagree,,if intheMatsu weonly got-20 fortwowks,otherwise usually around -10 tozero at night..think the yurt woudl be okay and I woudl run an extensioncord form my friends cabin…she is looking at 5 acres with afixerupper..cool…but its smalland she has 4 huskiesand I have two older feline friends! If in Fairbanks a cabin would make alot more sense Iwoud l think. I would be lookingfor something small and hopefully relatively inexpensive for rent…looked on craigslist and it appeared around $600 /mo was average but without oil or electricity(?? 250 month??..or less???. For me an outhouse would be fine or a bucket with lid……rented a cabin in Hatchers Pass and had actual attic stairs to access the sleping loft so this worked well for
        those immediate morning needs..ha..about to hit 50..need to start some kegels..ha!

        I visited Farbanks last Oct. as well as drove the Richardson up and back down on the Parks in March…ice sculptures were pretty amazing and loved the museum of the North at UAF !! I’m intrigued to try somewhere diferrent although have some connections now in Matsu…decisions decisions…..sure loved the snowshoeing in the winter,etc and think it would be a blast to go up to the wildlife refuge,Brooks and White Range…..am doing a little research now! Also,loved your shots of Chicken, AK.I drove with a friend up the Parks, across DenaliHighway, then took the road to Chicken/ Top of the World, and over into the Yukon last summer enrouteback to AZ and then FL…..wow…AK fills my soul! The very few northern lights I saw perched at 2 a.m in my car on the top of hatchers were amazing….stirred me to my core….and Icannot even imagine them in Fairbanks! One with the universe, et al…..

        So ,yes…woudl love to have coffee or a snippet of wine if I make it up that way! Thanks again for the reply and for sharing your story on this blog!!! Ciao
        Susan ( melting in 80 degrees today..smile)


  2. I agree with Judy. We look like wimps when it’s in the forties. Right now in Western MI we have had steady snow for the past week with school closing on several days. Lots of ice and whiteouts as well. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in the -20’s to -40’s. You are so brave!!!


  3. I am enormously ashamed to admit that I felt it was too cold to go get groceries this morning. We were in the 40’s, overcast. I feel quite embarrassed LOL!


  4. Laura says:

    I find it fascinating that you have to go get water. So thankful for my well but I really enjoy reading about your adventures 🙂


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