Spring, FINALLY!

We had the coldest April on record.  Spring really just did not come until this last week, May.  But now it looks to be fully on its way.  When it starts to turn warm, and the snow starts to melt, it is called Breakup.  It’s very muddy.  It finally got to 60 yesterday, for the first time since last fall.

Sunrise at 4:41 AM, Sunset at 11:00 PM giving 21h 48m of visible light.

Yesterday after work, my friend Lori and I decided to take a spontaneous trip down to Denali National Park.  My other friend Jan had given me a new camera and lenses that I am trying to learn to use so it was a good trip to put it to use.  I have a big trip planned for this summer and sure hope I learn to use this camera sufficiently enough to do it justice!

While “The Mountain” wasn’t out, it was still beautiful.  It’s not getting full dark anymore.  We didn’t get home until 3:30 so we got to see the beginning of sunrise as well.

This is from the last aurora show of the season.  Until next fall, it will remain too light out at night to see them.  See you then my Lovelies!

On April 14 there was a unique swirly formation that many of us captured.  One of our Aurora Notification group members put them together for an interesting video.





Colt border patrol .357.

I got some new toys.

This “Crash Blade” was hand made by a friend.  It’s so fantastically awesome!


But just because Alaskan girls might like guns and knives, doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t also like pretty, pretty toenails to dance with in the snow.


My friend Sue is being filmed by National Geographic for another, although I may say better, Alaskan reality show.  Life Below Zero.


Life Below Zero Trailer

I took her out to the infamous Howling Dog Saloon to celebrate her finally being able to buy Kavik River Camp, where she lives.  The film crew followed us.  That was pretty fun and interesting.  So yea, they may show me on tv.  I also know the couple on there, Andy and Kate.  I got to visit their place on one of my Fowl Adventures when I went up to visit my friends Wayne and Scarlet.

14 thoughts on “Spring, FINALLY!

  1. D Ericson says:

    In one of your pix, you are between two tall guys. The one on your left is my husband’s twin. What is his name? Is he an Ericson?


  2. dfarmer9 says:

    9-3-2013 Milford, Virginia 22514
    I just wanted to say hello and to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. I stumbled upon it this evening as I was checking out Sue Aiken’s camp website. I really enjoyed your stories and the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing with the public. Alaska is on my bucket list, which I dare say is a far off wish. I am retired and live on a farm in rural Virginia. I look forward to your future posts and pictures. If anyone up there is looking for a pen pal please do not hesitate to write to me. I am 58, married and live with 9 dogs on our farm. I love painting, crafts and long road trips in my suv. Good luck to you all up there in that cold cold climate. Blessings to you all. Debbie


    • cloud9doula says:

      Hi Debbie and thank you so much for writing. I’d be happy to be your pen pal. Heck with 9 dogs you could have your own sled dog team. Sue has already gotten some snow. I haven’t yet but it’s not far off. We’ve already gotten several frosts. I have brought my porch flowers inside. Luckily I have a big conference room at work that I can keep them over winter.

      I did my AIT at Ft. Lee, VA many, many years ago. It was a lovely state though. I remember the huge pine cones. I’ve been in ever state but Hawaii and have never seen pine cones that big lol.

      So what kind of painting and crafts do you do? I’m a henna artist if you want to check out my way out of date henna page. I had an Associates in Commercial Art by the time I was 19. Ah, so long ago hahhaha.

      Anyways, nice to meet you. Take care,


      • dfarmer9 says:

        Hi There, Thanks for responding. Wow your weather up there sounds delightful. I am originally from New England so this weather here in VA doesn’t agree with me. I do love the autumn and spring here tho. Our temps here have been in the high 90’s lately but this week we have had less humidity and its in the low 80’s during the day and high 60’s at night. I am so anticipating autumn the cool days and crisp nights. I am not sure how much to post here because I do not know if it is going to post to your blog wall or it will be sent to you as a personal e-mail. My flowers are still blooming as a matter of fact I just pulled two tomatoes off of my make shift tomato plant in a huge planter.. LOL Do you all have to use flea and tic and heartworm meds on your dogs up there like we do down here year around? We have two little yorkie poos inside and a Choc Lab and Pit Bull outside , the Lab gave birth to 13 pups last year we lost a few, sold some and ended up keeping the remaining 5 couldn’t bare to sent them to a shelter. The pups are a mix of lab, and english setter, plus a beagle male got his two cents in also so we had three pups looks like a cross between a beagle and shepherd markings really weird. We were set to have the Lab fixed within two weeks of her getting p.g. ughhh it was her first litter and she did great with the pups. I am a self taught painter in progress I go thru spurts between oils and acrylic’s, I haven’t been able to do much lately because I have terrible psoriatic arthritis and my hands stay in pain a lot , I have good days and bad days. I was reading about you bringing your plants in for the winter wish we could do that here if I did that with mine by the time the temp inside raised to a nice warm I would have bugs hatching and or crawling out of the soil and all over the house. LOL Are you married? Do you have children? I wanted to ask you during the winter months here our lab and pit get terrible cracked paws to the point where they got so sore they don’t like to walk on them in the snow and ice. Do you have any recommendations for my dogs here in VA during the cold months? I have tried bag balm several times but it doesn’t really help, the cracks get so deep and chapped I get worried about the paws becoming infected. We live on a big farm so those two dogs to a lot of walking and roaming around on the farm. I shall sign off now thanks for responding. Debbie Farmer


  3. Steve Dobsob says:

    Enjoy your blog. And we all love Susan in Indiana. America’s toughest gal.


  4. Cool images as always! It’s difficult for me to imagine having light for that many hours and then later having it dark for so many hours. We have our share of alternating light and dark here in Michigan, and that’s enough for me. LOL!

    You seem to have the most interesting adventures. It also looks like you are doing very well with your camera. Thanks for sharing!!!


    • cloud9doula says:

      Thanks Edie. The first few years I was here I had to put tin foil over my bedroom windows to sleep. But we adjusted. The main problem we have is all of a sudden I will look up at the clock and see that it’s 10 pm already and I haven’t made dinner yet lol.


  5. Mike Knoche says:

    Hmmm, I though it was spring on April 13 when my freezer kicked back on. Was I wrong. I got 20F in the hills this morning….


  6. […] Got a new camera and some new lenses. Now, just to learn how to use them all! I really need to get a handle on the workings of it before my big trip this summer. It's a Nikon D200. I went down to Denali National Park after work last night so these photos are pretty dark. The darkest ones, well, that is our night. I got home at 3:30. Spring, FINALLY! | Alaska, The Madness […]


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