Here We Go!

Summer in Fairbanks

Countdown to Summer Madness has begun.  The kids are going on a lower 48 grand tour and I am going to Chickenstock, Eagle, and the Kenai Peninsula.

The kids will be flying down to one of my sisters’ in the Dallas area.  They will visit a few days there, then she will bring them up to southern OK to my mother in law’s and they’ll visit there.  My dad will come down from NE OK and pick them up, take them home and they will visit there with my parents and another of my sisters and her family.  I’m so glad they didn’t get blown away in all the tornadoes they have been having there!  Then they will go to northern MN for our big family reunion held once ever couple of years.  They’ll do a return of the same route for even more visiting.

I’ve never been away from them this long.  There will be tears… especially on Father’s Day when they will visit his grave for the first time since the funeral.

But between bouts of missing my babies, I’m going to our annual Fowl Adventure all by myself.




Check out the previous years’ fun.  I go to Chickenstock then go visit friends outside of Eagle.  I can’t wait to visit them this year as they just got back from Africa.   I’m bringing extra wine for storytelling time.

Then later this summer I will be going backpacking down on the Kenai Peninsula.  I haven’t yet explored this part of Alaska and I am looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. cloud9doula says:

    Thanks Edie. I’m looking forward to them having time with family and developing those relationships. I’m looking forward to my Kenai trip especially. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for 2 years. I was going to go last summer but couldn’t swing it.


  2. What a great summer ya’ll have! I think it’s great the kids are going off on their own adventures while you do as well. You will have a fun break from one another (even if you don’t need one) and also great stories to share when they get back. I pray for safety for all of you and that this experience gives all of you wonderful memories for the rest of your lives. Looking forward to hearing more about your summer!!!


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