Opportunity, I Choose Door Number 1!



Not much of this going on lately! 

I haven’t gotten around to posting my latest Fowl Adventure 2013.  My trip to Chickenstock and then up to my friends outside of Eagle on the Yukon River went wonderfully.  This was the first time I have gone without kids and while I did miss them, I had a great time.  But I have been so dang busy, I haven’t time to post about it right now.  

I am leaving this weekend to visit my friend Susan.  She runs Kavik River Camp north of the Brooks Range.  She is flying a few of us up for her 50th birthday party.  I am also transporting a retired sled dog for her.  So yea, prepare for some fun pictures!  You might recognize her as she is one of the participants of National Geographic’s Life Below Zero.  You might see me in a future episode as the film crew came along last time Sue was in town and I took her out to the Howling Dog Saloon to celebrate her purchase of her camp.  

Anyways, fun is on the horizon!


PS.  I love comments.  I like getting to know the people reading this.  It’s fun.


26 thoughts on “Opportunity, I Choose Door Number 1!

  1. Lynn says:

    Hullo everyone! I’m just getting to know this site & am a new fan 2 “life under zero” & a great admirer of Sue. Lots of respect 2 this woman!! It’s amazing to c & know that there is a woman who can handle!! Congrats & blessings to ya!


  2. Vanet Uvino says:

    I love watching Susan on the show. All I can say is, “she’s wonderful. Living life on HER terms. I could never handle her day to day survival life style. Therefore, I applaud her and will watch her in the comfort of my warm home, hugging my 2 rescue pups”. God Bless You Sue!!


  3. Peggy Raphael says:

    I absolutely love you “crazy” Alaskans.


  4. lora says:

    Love your blog and photos.Im also a huge national Geographic fan and love all the Alaska shows and life below zero.Ty for sharing with us please feel free to add me on fb for social networking.


  5. gailwinds11 says:

    Thanks for the update; sounds like you are very busy. I appreciate the links to Susan’s website and also to the Kavik River Camp – so interesting! I am really looking forward to the photos.


  6. Joseph says:

    Hi G…..love reading your blog. We’re missing a moderator at IRT. Do you know what happened top HER!? haha

    Luv & Hugz,
    Keyz56 (Joey)


  7. Velma says:

    I love when my emails beeps, and there’s one from you, or your blog rather. 🙂

    I’m an Alaskan hoping to get back one day, currently struggling with having to choose between family or Alaska. Not an easy choice… Lol a difficulty only someone who Loves Alaska can understand the pull. Have fun for all of us!


    • cloud9doula says:

      Oh Velma I do understand. I so miss my family. But yes, Alaska is in my blood now and I can no more do without being here then I can do without blood. Hopefully you can return one day, even for a visit. Thank you so much for the compliment. You made my day!


  8. Jagi Gandhi says:

    I love reading your posts. After visiting Alaska dont think anyone would want to stay anywhere else. The beauty is beyond words. Would love to visit Eagle someday. I am from India and would love to be friends with you.


    • cloud9doula says:

      Thank you Jagi. A lot of people say they would love to live here but many can’t really imagine doing it for real. That’s one of the things that makes this place so special. It’s full of adventurous people.


  9. Mark says:

    Well the trip North sounds like a hoot! Hope you get lots of photos and carry a backpack of bug dope and some “Raid” to dose the room at night! If the bugs are bad here this year, they are going to be even worse there, and they are normally bad there!

    Tell her Happy Birthday!


  10. Rena Marley says:

    Wow what a beautiful view you have I’m glad I found your blog , hoping some day to visit Alaska my hubby has been there and I have seen some beautiful pics on line . Have a great day and have fun with Susan I watch her on tv every Sunday night 🙂


    • cloud9doula says:

      Hi Rena. Susan is always fun to hang out with. Feel free to read some of my past posts for more Alaskan pictures and videos. I love sharing the place I love so much.


  11. Leaving you a comment from Germany to tell you I love your blog as much as you love comments on your blog. 🙂


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