Getting Water

Welcome to all my new friends and followers.  I’m happy to see so many.  Sorry I haven’t written lately but I’ve been so busy wrapping up summer I haven’t finished any blog posts lately.  But they are coming.  I’m working on a monster post about my trip to the Kenai Peninsula.  And then there is a trip with my daughter into Denali National Park (her first time.)  We saw 11 bears which is exciting because it seems the number 11 is my magic number when it comes to seeing bears in Denali.  More on that later.

But for now, here’s just a little update about chores that also take up my time.  Hauling water.  I’m in a bit of a contest for our new Fairbanks Outdoorsman forum which involves wearing their T-shirts in different locations.  That was the point for taking pictures with the shirt on.

Since the Fairbanks area has so many dry cabins, we also have two bulk water stations, one out of each end of town.  This is the bigger one.  It’s like a gas station only much, much cheaper and unattended.

Most of my jugs are 5 gallons but I have two 4 gallons ones as well.  As you can also see, I haven’t finished unloading the 4 Runner all the way from our camping trip.

There are several “stations”.  But only the two at the end are for 5 gallon jugs with the smaller spouts.  The others are all for big tanks that go on the back of pick ups.

We got our first real frost last night.  Winter’s coming.  Believe me, hauling water at -40 really is just unpleasant…

Ta ta for now my friends.  Hope to hear from you soon.  I’ll try to get my fall chores under control and work on my postings more often.