Notes from the Universe

I get these in emails and they are very helpful.  I thought I would post this one with the caveat that yes, I am still waiting on that whole crying like a baby gig.

Would it be enough to know, Georganne (and you can know this through deductive reasoning), that long ago, when the two of us carefully mapped out your pending adventure into the jungles of time and space: the hills and valleys you would traverse; the setbacks and advances you would encounter; the good, the bad, and the ugly, and all of the lives you would touch; when our planning was done and the “big picture” was revealed…

You burst into tears of joy, overwhelmed with its perfection and who you’d become.

Yeah, like a baby –
The Universe

Oh also I forgot to mention that my sweet friends Kara and Trey came to visit.  Here is Kara singing a Ukrainian Folk Song.  Poor thing was sick but still has an awesome voice.  It was fun having guests.  We have had only a few other than Thanksgiving.  Might be because I forget to actually invite people over.  I just assume that they will show up.  My bad.