Got fat?

I did.  So I’ve started a new diet.  I’m not a dieter really.  That’s why I ran all last winter.  But even running 100s of miles didn’t get me skinny, so on to the dieting world.  I don’t remember the last time I dieted.

I’ve also taken a break from Facebook for those who haven’t realized yet or are not on there in the first place.  I left because it made me lonely seeing all my friends out and having fun and not feeling like I wanted to get out there and have my own fun.  But I have been practicing on my fiddle more and so hope to get the rewards from that.  You would think that with living without tv would provide plenty of time for practicing but apparently not.  I am averaging 45 miles a day in driving and that seems to take a lot of time.  It’s not just one trip into town, it’s a trip into town to work, the across town to pick up Olivia from school, then back across town back to work, then home.  Getting after school care is impossible so she just comes to work with me.  Only 40 some days of school left so that will be a relief.

So, here are two songs I have fallen in love with.  I just ordered the music to this one, the Lover’s Waltz, even though I am not at this level yet, don’t even know all the notes in it.  I will.

And this one, apart from the NASCAR second half, shouldn’t be too hard to learn.

It’s warming up at last.  We still have plenty of snow on the ground but I know it got above 30 this weekend.  It was so nice that I attempted to change my head light that’s been out.  I got one from Nappa, came home to change it and find it is not the right one.  So loaded back up and went back to town, only to find Nappa had closed.  ARG!  Oh well.  Tomorrow’s another day.

4 thoughts on “Got fat?

  1. You could always bring the headlight with you to Denny’s and bat your eyes at Ken. 😉


  2. Edie Dykeman says:

    Hi! Trying to leave a comment, but the powers that be are not letting me – it’s saying I’m not logged in when I am. Frustrating!

    Anyway, trying again.

    I’m come and go on FB – have a love/hate relationship with it, I guess.

    Thanks for the fiddle link – hadn’t heard that kind of music in a long time. It’s cool that you are learning to play.

    Hope all is going well with you and you have your headlight fixed! That kind of running back and forth can be a pain.

    Take care,


    • cloud9doula says:

      Thanks Edie. Sorry it was a hassle to comment. Don’t know what that is about. I have a friend’s page who never wants to let me comment. I just keep entering it and it finally goes through.


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