Have you seen Melanie?


Update, June 5.

I’m so sad. I didn’t know Melanie personally. But I do know that at this point, the outlook is not good.  She was reported as being a very private person, as many mushers are.  After all, being a musher often means a life lived alone.  But it is evident to me that she has many friends and supporters.  The mushing community alone has been pulling out all the stops.  The first few days, my Facebook page was plastered with information sharing.  Now it is more centralized in one place, a Facebook page made just for the clearing house of information.  I think it is also a place for us sad people to go and to see how many people are truly caring about this individual.  As someone who likes to go out into the wilderness alone as well, it does help the state of my heart to see this.

KTNA.org, a community station out of Talkeetna and Alaska Dispatch seem to be following this story more closely than the larger stations and publications are able to.  I was told that staffing was one of the factors that contributed to that.   Here is the latest update.


One thought on “Have you seen Melanie?

  1. cloud9doula says:

    Her truck has been found on the Denali Hwy and a ground and air search is currently taking place.

    While without direct evidence of foul play, she can not be marked as a missing person officially until after 10 days, officials ARE helping with this and doing what they can. I think either way, she will be found due to the vast network available of mushers and facebook.


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