Busy as a Beaver!

Or is it a bee? Which ever darn animal is the busiest. Oh, that would be me I guess. Hence the lack of posting. Summer is here. Glorious sun and warmth. I am rejuvenating. Yes, it’s a process!

And now we are preparing for our annual Fowl Adventure. I can’t wait!

So, onto some pictures.

 Fiddling is going well though slowly.  I wish I already knew this stuff lol.  I got a new bow as my wood one was warping.  This one is beautiful with abalone inlays.  It’s carbon fiber.

fiddle bow

 I ate a bunch of this and lost 20 lbs.  I’m not done yet but have to spend a few weeks stabilizing before attempting to lose more.  

100 grams of protein, 1 veggie, 1 fruit.
Two breast of chicken tenderloins, cooked in water with a bit of garlic.
The strawberry dressing was 4 strawberries, some garlic powder, onion flakes, Tom’s Cajun Seasoning, a bit of mustard powder, a half packet of true leaf stevia, a bit of lemon juice, a bit of Braggs Aminos, a bit of apple cider vinegar. Mix in blender. 187 calories, 3.8 grms of fat, 5.3 carbs, and 31.6 grms of protein.


Taaa daaaa. 

 I’ve also been trying to teach the man child more things and really get him involved in anything I have to do that requires fixing things or building things.  After all, men are supposed to know this stuff right?  Well obviously women do as well.  But I do admit I am a traditionalist in some ways.  Men are supposed to be able to fix things and build things.  *shrug*  Don’t worry, I’ll be teaching Olivia these things as well.

Putting heating fuel in the tank.  He actually can do it better than I can as he is much taller.  When I do it, I have to kind of do a hop on the top step and hang off of the spout by one hand while Olivia hands me up the fuel a gallon at a time.  Way long process at -30 or colder!  Why were Olivia and I doing it you may ask?  Because Jordan was afraid of heights.  So now he can do this and is really proud of himself and likes doing it.


 Yay, headlight went out and so we had a nice teaching moment.

 Those bottom screws are tricky to get to.

 But he persevered.

As you can see the snow is gone and there is green everywhere.  The wild flowers are popping out everywhere.  It’s wonderful. 

This is just a small portion of the Tanana River, a slough.

 We went and checked out some airplanes.



 Anyways, that’s all for now folks.  Time to get out the camping gear for taking the kids out and the backpacking gear for mamma.  I’m envisioning a back packing trip over Eagle Summit with a kite and my fiddle in tow for some self entertainment and communing with nature.