Ah More Rain…

We had the wettest summer on record.  I guess it was better for lots of people then the smokey summers we often have due to wild land fires.  Even though it was wet, I still was able to keep busy enough to neglect my poor blog.  I just got back from a major trip but was working on this post before I left.  So guess I’ll finish this then work on that trip report.

Puppy/girl love!  Maari is growing so fast.  She’s about 5 months old and over 46 lbs.  She’s a stubborn pup, though very smart.

a girl and her dog

Ugh, I know, my house is a bit of a mess.  But hammers and cookbooks really CAN live together on the same shelf.  Right?

big puppy

The view of the Alaska Range from Fairbanks.

alaska range

Angry, Young, and Poor (concert, festival, funky, local lurve)angry young and poor2

Fairbanks actually has a lot of belly dancers.

angry young and poor

Worlds largest slip and slide?

giant slip and slide

Olivia got to skate in the Golden Days Parade with her roller derby group.  She was sooo excited when a couple of girls asked to take their picture with her!  What a confidence boost that was.  She said she felt famous.

me and olivia

ba olivia

Her coach, Bad Lady is a hoot.  Photobomb!

Olivia and Bad Lady

Fairbanks Cold’n Heart Junior Derby (playing on Fairbanks’ tag of “Golden Heart” of Alaska). Jr roller girls

skating in the parade

rust princess rides again

Finally got the canoe out on our maiden voyage.  It took Olivia and I a while to get it up on top of the old Rust Princess.  Sooo glad I kept that ol’ hoopdie.  I wouldn’t want to scratch up my new Pretty Princess and we are NOT graceful loading or unloading yet.

We tried out our new Tanana Lakes park.  Since our rivers were in flood stage almost all summer, I didn’t feel confident enough to go on the river.

canoing olivia

We got a bit wet but managed to get off the water by the time the rain started.

canoeing in the rain

Eating lots of caribou that my friend Susan sent us from Kavik River Camp. 

raw caribou

caribou dinner

It’s so tender and delicious.  I really hate commercial meat.


double rainbow

early morning sky

Some of the flooding we have been dealing with.




My friend Lulu came up to play.  It’s always so much fun getting together with her.

me and lulu

My son Jordan turned 16!  That was weird.  He doesn’t like his picture taken and doesn’t like me mentioning him online but come on, I have to brag a bit.  Yes at 16 he has a beard and is over 6’1″.


Yes, his hair is longer than mine.


But he let me braid it.  All he wanted to do for his birthday is go shooting and go to dinner with our family friends.


Does Olivia look concerned?  Heeheee.


Yes he needs a bigger gun.


They are both pretty good shots.

Olivia and target
I finally got the time to site in my new 30-06 and new scope.  Yay, bring on the hunt!



Aw my sweet, sweet baby boy.  Where did you go?

Born in Kalispell, Montana at 9 lbs. 2 oz.

Had to bring in my porch flowers occasionally so they didn’t drown!  There is not room in this cabin for porch flowers inside!

new plants

We tried hooking Maari up to Olivia.  She (both shes) loved it!  We are going to get her a harness and try skijoring this winter.



On a random note, the book editor I talked to a couple of months called me again.  I was too scared to answer.  How’s that for lame?

I just got back from Valdez and the Women’s Silver Salmon Derby.  On the way back I went over Hacher’s Pass to Talkeetna.  I did my first zipline and had sooo darn much fun.  But I’ll post about that soon (yea soon).

Take care dear friends and be awesome to one another.


2 thoughts on “Ah More Rain…

  1. ayala7041@charter.net says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted on Life in Ak. we will be traveling to Juneau our daughter is moving there as I type this. Frank


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